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Welcome to the Freelance Writing Cafe! ☕️ I’m Michelle Christina, a seasoned copywriter who really loves the laptop & latte life. 

I help freelance copy and content writers launch (and grow) low-stress, high-income careers that are location-free and powerfully profitable. 

Unlike other freelance experts, I focus on building a strong foundation and setting yourself up for long-term successIn a world of instant gratification and life hacks, you want a career that’s more than just a flash in the pan.

FWC is all about remote freelance writing (a.k.a. working from anywhere with Wi-Fi). This photo of me was snapped on a workday next to the beach. You can also work from your couch. Nice, right?

After 10 years of making every damn mistakeand learning how to 5x my income without burning out—I’m helping writers like you do the same. And it’s all happening right here at the cafe.

Why Freelance Writing “Cafe”? Because I want this to be your go-to space to unwind, learn, connect with other writers, and feel comfortable to be yourself. Cafes are some of the coziest, most magical places on earth, and I wanted to create that for you here.

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Monday Freelance Writing Goal-Setting Sessions! ☕️✨ LIVE in Our Facebook Group

Introducing Monday Goal-Setting Sessions! The first one is TOMORROW! ☕️✨ Let's start March off strong, live in the FWC Facebook group at 12:00 pm EST. We're a couple of months into 2021, and if you're anything like most of us, you're probably already feeling a little...

Drinking Coffee With Writers: Rinu Ogundeji, Conversion Copywriter

As you may know, the main reason we launched the Drinking Coffee With Writers series is so that our community would have a chance to share their stories. Whether they light you up with inspiration or make you think "Wow, I totally know what they're going through!",...

Drinking Coffee With Writers: Kaitlyn Parker, Creative Brand Copywriter

Kaitlyn Parker, founder of Copy Uncorked, didn't know she was going to become a copywriter---she almost fell into it, which should be a major relief to those who think it's impossible to claw your way into a copywriting career... *ahem* believe in yourself *ahem....

Drinking Coffee With Writers: Taylor Marsden, Website Copywriter

Full-time remote freelance copywriter Taylor Marsden has been a business owner for ten years... but she still struggles to keep it all together sometimes! In this week's DCWW interview, she gets candid about the challenges (and benefits) of being a self-made freelance...

Drinking Coffee With Writers: Kayla Dean, Creative Brand Copywriter

Kayla Dean, creative brand copywriter and founder of The Literary Co., is a self-made freelance writer who designed her own career after the hunt for a full-time job didn't meet her expectations. She wasn't about to let this minor setback stop her. She claimed...

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"Do not live by accident or by default. Live by design. Design your life using goals, visualization, imagination, and plans."

—David Cameron Gikandi, A Happy Pocket Full of Money


“I joined a couple months ago when I decided to make a career change, and have poured through the FWC. My very first proposal for a paid client has been accepted, and payment has been rendered. This feels like a huge milestone and I owe it, in large part, to you guys.” Noressa Smith

Freelance Writer

“I’ve gotten such invaluable information and support from the Freelance Writing Cafe! It’s the first place I go when I need help with my freelance writing career.” Monique Wise

Founder & Travel Writer, Wanderlust My Way

“Freelance Writing Cafe stands out because they truly care for their members. Even the silliest of questions are answered by them. Michelle Christina is a true inspiration and one of the most helpful people you can find in the virtual learning space.” Jamil Talha

Freelance Writer


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