Grow A Freelance Writing Career

The situation: You’re established, or you’ve at least gotten a few gigs by now. You’re not a “newbie” in this freelance writing game anymore, but you still find yourself feeling doubtful.

How are some writers seemingly getting tons of work while you’re in feast-or-famine mode? Is your niche strong enough? What’s the best way to market yourself? 

These are all completely normal questions for the “growth” stage of freelancing. It’s also the time when getting guidance and mentorship from the experts really counts. You know you can do this, but you need a little help.

Luckily, the Freelance Writing Cafe has your back! This entire page is PACKED with our best resources for growing your writing career. Bookmark it, because new content will be added frequently!


These blog posts are packed with inspiration and tips for growing your freelance writing career.

Long-Term Strategies For Finding Freelance Writing Clients (That Aren’t Job Boards)

Another day, another waltz with the great mystery: How does one go about finding more freelance writing clients, apart from job boards? How do you jump from here-and-there gigs to a long-term, lucrative freelance writing career? What do you say we...

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Hitting $60K: How to Make Consistent Freelance Writing Income on Upwork

Edit: I'm closing in on $80K since writing this post, in case you're wondering if I know what I'm talking about. 😉 Ah, Upwork. Perhaps the most debated topic in the freelance writing world. Some writers swear by it. Others spew venom across the...

The Ultimate List: 80+ Websites to Find Freelance Writing Jobs in 2021

As we careen into spring 2020, in a year originally shimmering with promise as all of them do, and things couldn't be any stranger. We're in the midst of a global pandemic, facing all kinds of uncertainty (to the extent that many of us never want...

Dreading Your Next Client Call? 6 Tips to Feel More Confident on the Phone

Feel more confident on the phone with these tips designed for freelancers. Your next client call could be a breeze, even if you’re usually nervous!