As we careen into spring 2020, in a year originally shimmering with promise as all of them do, and things couldn’t be any stranger.

We’re in the midst of a global pandemic, facing all kinds of uncertainty (to the extent that many of us never want to hear the word “uncertainty” again), and to top it all off, we have this feeling of urgent competition permeating the freelance community—a fear that there may not be “enough” work for all of us.

I’m here to set your mind at ease. Yes, times are tough and uncertain… but times are always uncertain. The difference right now is that a larger group of people are impacted by this global event, creating a more widespread sense of unease.

The good news? Freelancers are resourceful by nature. They don’t back down from a challenge, no matter what the size. And if you agree to muster up the courage to keep thriving through this bizarre year, I’ll bring all of my resources to the table for you.

Cool? Cool.

Now that we’re on the same page, listen up. There’s something I want to make clear before we dig into this epic of list websites where you can find freelance writing gigs in 2020:

First of all, freelance writing jobs have not gone away. Your clients may have (a bunch of mine did too), and that is a scary situation if it happens to you, but that doesn’t mean the whole ship is sinking.

Simply Googling “Freelance Writing Jobs” turned up a massive pool of thousands of jobs, mostly remote since much of the world is in lockdown. That means there has never been a better time to launch your freelance writing career or add some new work to your docket.

Linkedin currently boasts 200K+ freelance writing jobs with over 6k posted in the past 24 hours. And even though LinkedIn previously had a lot of on-location jobs, right now most companies are favoring remote work.

On Upwork, a search for new copywriting jobs totals 1,995, while content writing hits 14,918 and brings in 1,970 results (at the time of writing this). There are many more categories there. And we know 100% of Upwork clients are not premium quality, but you can absolutely find excellent work relationships there.

The point?

Businesses still have writing needs that are cyclical and popping up all the time. More companies than ever have shifted their operations online. There’s no shortage of work to be had if you remain optimistic and advocate for yourself out there.

If I give you guys this list o’ resources, you have to promise me that you’ll keep self-advocating and keep that optimistic energy high. Do not give up on yourself or your writing dreams.


The best time to start your freelance writing career is NOW - Where to Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online in 2020


Here are 80+ places you can look for freelance writing jobs online in 2020:


Online Writing Jobs: General Career Sites

Traditional career websites were once reserved for full-time employment seekers, but have branched out to serve the ever-growing freelancer population. Remote jobs are becoming exponentially popular in light of the pandemic. Some, like The Muse, also offer solid career advice.

AngelListStart-up based job listings with "Hiring during COVID-19 verification". Must fill out extensive profile to see
CareerBlissCareer "community" with job listings and resources. 15k+ jobs labeled "remote" at the time of creating this post.CareerBliss
Career BuilderCompare salaries, find out what skills you need to increase your value to clients and companies, apply to jobs, and sign up for job alert
Career ContessaFemale-focused career success website & job listings. Extensive blog content on prepping for and advancing in your career. Plus, webinars &
Google JobsGoogle's AI pulls in jobs from all over the internet, creating the biggest database of them all. Use keywords to find exactly what you
GlassdoorJob listings with user submitted company reviews and personalized salary tools. Upload your resume and apply
IndeedTools for job search, resumes, company reviews and more. Search by industry, location or timeline (ie: "hiring immediately")
Job.comA modern job search site that uses blockchain technology and offers financial
JujuNo-fluff job search website. Use keywords to find what you want. 11k+ jobs labeled "remote" at the time of creating this
LinkupAn expansive site full of verified job listings. Includes 20k+ jobs labeled "remote" at the time of creating this
LiveCareerResume-building tools and easy-apply. Special services for COVID-19 job search. Some resources require you to download an
Monster.comJob listings and career advancement advice. Their current motto: Don't search for jobs. Find the right fit instead."
PlantedGet curated job listings that get "smarter" over time as Planted understands your needs. Get fast-tracked to companies that you're a strong fit
ScoutedA site that matches candidates with ideal companies. Get curated job listings in your inbox.
Simply HiredJob listings, resume builder, career advice blog. Over 58k remote working jobs listed at the time of creating this post.
The LaddersJobs that pay over $100k annually. Includes tools for building and reviewing resumes. Extensive blog content on success, productivity, confidence, and
The MuseHighlighting exceptional companies and opportunities. Plus, career advice newsletter. This site is known for focusing on company culture and work-life
ZipRecruiterExtensive job listings and built-in support features. Over 50k jobs labled "remote" at the time of creating this

Online Writing Jobs: Freelance Job Boards

Listings on freelance job boards are often temporary or project-based, but you may find longer term gigs as well. A large number of jobs on these boards have switched to remote if they weren't already. Use filters to narrow your search results.

Freelance job boards are a known target for scammers. Do your homework and stay safe. Don't click suspicious links or give out your personal info.

BehanceA creative showcase and job listing site with a small evolving selection of writing-related
All Freelance WritingWriting jobs submitted by clients and listings pulled in from third party
Be A Freelance BloggerA freelance writer job board where requirements to submit job listings are "at least $0.10 per word or $50 per post" (with many much higher)
BloggingProA job board that focuses on paid blogging opportunities, plus career
FreelancedA freelancer-exclusive social network with job
FreelanceWriting.comA job board packed with opportunities in the realm of blogging, copywriting, and
Freelancer MapA per-project job listing site that connects companies and freelancers. Global network of listings with a decent writing
Freelance Writing GigsA freelance writing website with a frequently updated job board. They also post the latest jobs on their
Freelance Writing Jobs CanadaA Canadian freelance writing jobs website that posts listings and has resources/
GuruA modest-sized job board with freelance writing opportunities (among others)
Krop CreativeBuild a portfolio and apply for jobs with top companies. Includes many writing
Pro BloggerA job board that focused on paid blogging opportunities. Also a known target for scammers, so stay

Online Writing Jobs: Remote Job Boards

These websites focus entirely on remote work, and they're being updated frequently with work-from-anywhere positions. This list is getting bigger each year, which is very encouraging for the remote freelance community.

Dynamite JobsRemote jobs vetted every 24 hours by the site staff. Must have an account to view
Europe RemotelyA remote job listings site that caters to a European-based freelancer and client
FlexJobsA growing remote job directory with hand-screened positions, making it easier to find high-quality
HubStaff TalentRemote job listings site featuring a range of writing opportunities. Hubstaff Talent
JobspressoRemote jobs from all categories, with about 100 active writing-specific jobs at any given time.Jobspresso
Let's Work RemotelyA remote-only job site with an impressive list of frequently updated writing-related jobs.Let's Work Remotely
LinkedIn Remote JobsDid you know LinkedIn has an entire section for remote jobs? It's growing rapidly. Must have an account to
OutsourcelyA site that connects remote workers with startups and businesses globally. Jobs span from SEO copywriters to email marketing and
Remote.coAn extensive website with information on working remotely as well as many frequently updated writing
Remote 4 MeA job board featuring pre-filtered 100% remote jobs including technical writing/editing
Remote Jobs ClubA regular newsletter that delivers a hand-selected grouping of remote opportunities, including content writing
Remote OKA remote-only job listings site. Check out the "non-tech jobs" section to find writing-related
Remote WomanFind remote positions at female-friendly
RemoteesA tech-based job listings site that is regularly updated and features copywriting and technical writing jobs.Remotees
Remotely Awesome JobsA remote jobs search engine that pulls in listings from other sites. Not packed with writing gigs yet but worth
RemotiveA very cute website (doggo!) with a modest but growing selection of writing
Skip The DriveA remote and work-from-home job listings site featuring 40+ pages of writing
Virtual VocationsA thorough online job listings site including writing, proofreading, and editing jobs (among others)
We Work RemotelyA site that boasts itself as the "largest remote work community in the world", clients shell out $300 to post, so bottom of the barrel gigs are a non-issue.We Work Remotely
WorkewExtensive job listings site with new jobs posted on a daily basis, including copywriting, technical writing,
100 Telecommute JobsTheir mission: providing 100% remote opportunity listings to the remote workforce, free of

Online Writing Jobs: Digital Nomad/Travel Sites

Digital Nomadism is a specific-enough lifestyle that it merits a unique kind of job board. These opportunities are catered to full-time travelers. You'll see some cross-over gigs between these and remote job sites. Both are worth keeping tabs on.

Digital Nomad Job FinderA European-based website that allows you to create a profile and browse remote job
Digital Nomad JobsA digital nomad-focused job board with resources for transitioning from desk job to
Matador NetworkWhile not a traditional job board, this site has travel-specific jobs that may occasionally include something writing related.
NODESKA remote working/digital nomad website that connects companies and freelancers. They also have a great
Nomad ListA digital nomad resource website that links to the Remote OK job
Pangian Remote & Travel JobsBrowse high-quality remote jobs including copy and content
RemotersDigital nomad guides and resources, plus a frequently updated job
Working NomadsA curated job board featuring the best remote jobs sourced from around the
World Nomad Job BoardsA digital nomad/travel website that features opportunities to write about different global

Online Writing Jobs: Freelance Job Market Sites

Whether you love 'em or you hate 'em, these websites are some of the hottest spots to find freelance work. And they show no sign of slowing down. The clients on market sites can get buried in proposals. Always keep communication personalized and focused on their business when you're reaching out about a project.

CloudPeepsCreate and fully fill out a profile in order to view job listings. Clients vet submitted proposals to choose a freelancer to complete the task.CloudPeeps
FiverrOnce an absolute race-to-the-bottom, Fiverr is showing a bit more promise with the ability to create higher value packages to offer your services.
FreelancerCreate a profile to browse and bid on freelance jobs. This site charges up-front fees. Get perks and reduced/postponed fees by becoming a "Preferred Freelancer"
GoLanceCreate a profile to apply for jobs from a pool of opportunities matched to your skills. Receive weekly payment for hourly gigs or per-milestone payments (similar to Upwork)
UpworkCreate a specialized profile to show off your skills, build relationships with clients (short and long-term). This site takes a cut of your earnings. Get perks/reduced fees by becoming a "Top Rated Freelancer".
WriteologySign up, fill out a profile and bid for projects. When awarded a project, complete it to earn your "salary"

Online Writing Jobs: Freelance Writing Agency-Style Sites

Most of these sites act as “agencies”, approving your profile, then sourcing work for you while taking a cut. Some of them are content mills (let's call a spade a spade). I'm adding them here with the following warning: Writers have mixed reviews on these sites. You may not have as much control over the kind of work you get (or how often) and it will not be the same experience as freelancing independently. Do your homework.

EBylineA journalism-focused site that connects writers with brands who need
ClearVoiceAn agency-style site that allows freelancers to build a personal brand, develop their resume, set their own rates and
ContenaPerhaps one of the more controversial sites, you pay a membership fee to browse curated job listings vetted by "scouts". I found this review worrying but, as always, I'll let you do the research and
ContentlyA content marketing agency that leverages freelance talent to power brands' content
CopyPressAn full-service marketing and content agency with integrated software and project management system (for clients). It's not made clear how writers apply to be screened.
Crowd ContentA content agency website that vets writers to on as
Freelance My WayCreate a free profile. Search and apply for jobs without restriction. No monthly fees or bid
Jam Jar WritingRegister as a freelance writer for free and decide where, when, how often, and for how much you deliver
nDashAn agency-style site that promises "higher rates, legitimate brands, and six-figure earning potential."
Online Writing JobsApply to be a writer and "make up to $50 writing about topics that interest you". (Note from MC: Beware, this is a very low rate for content writing.)Online Writing Jobs
PayDeskCreate a freelance journalist profile and market yourself to broadcasters and companies around the world. Take on a range of projects and build your
People Per HourApply to be a freelancer and create "specialized offers" to pitch services to thousands of businesses. They encourage you to offer "your best work at your best price" and manually match you with projects.
QuillAn e-commerce business focused copy and content agency. Promises freelancers growth opportunities, flexibility and
SkyWordA content marketing agency that enlists "elite" freelancers (including writers) to collaborate with
TextBrokerThis site offers approved writers access to thousands of writing assignments, claiming that newbies and experiences writers alike can find ideal
Writer BayApply to be a writer and find work that fits your expertise and experience level. They boast flexible working conditions and post top-earning writers' profits on the
Writers.WorkCreate a profile and receive curated job listings in your dashboard, based on what opportunities you're deemed a good match

This is a big list of sites, and I hope it has succeeded in perking you up a bit, reigniting that freelance optimism you had before the COVID-19 days.

Just remember that relying on third-party websites for writing work means giving up your independence and putting your fate in someone else’s hands. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Even if you do use the sites above, continue to market yourself independently and seek out clients on your own terms.

I’ll be back next week with tips on how to do that—as well as some non-job board ways to find work.

For now, let’s all drop the scarcity “there’s not enough work for us” mindset. Embrace the fact that the online career pool is expansive. The internet eliminates many traditional barriers to success. YOU, the internet-based professional, are at a serious advantage right now.

Also, you’re awesome. If you believe in yourself, nothing can stop you.

FWC is rooting for you! And if you need some extra support, come hang out in our Facebook group.

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